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Foods & Beverage
Food Processing
Engineering & Construction
Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Customer Service
Sales & Marketing
IT / Technical
Logistics & Supply Chain
Marine / Petro-chemical
Cleaning Company
Service trade


Foreign workers for Service industry

Financial, insurance, real estate and business services; transport, storage and communications services; commerce (retail and wholesale trade); community, social and personal services (excluding Foreign Domestic Worker); hotels; restaurants, coffee shops, food courts and other approved food establishments; dispatch and delivery services; or Hairdressing and beauty shops

Service Trade

  • Beautician; Hairdresser; Manicurist; Massage Therapist; Childcare Assistant; Florist Helper; Gardener; Cashier; Sales Coordinator; Shop Sales Assistant; Van Driver; Delivery Assistant; Warehouse Assistant; Baker; Cook; Kitchen Assistant;Waiter/Waitress; Coffeeshop Helper; Dish Washer; Lab Assistant; Electrician; Technician; Mechanic; Machine Operator; Fitter; Welder; Factory Worker; Fishery Worker: Admin Assistant; Receptionist; Office Cleaner; Maintenance Worker; Hand Packer; Carpenter; Farm Worker; and many more...


Foreign workers for Manufacturing industry

Companies in the manufacturing sector include engaged in the following business activities:

Manufacturing Trade

  • Manufacturing of basic industrial acids and alkalis; mechanical engineering works; Manufacturing and repair of oil/gas field machinery; Manufacturing of waxes, polishes and deodorants; electroplating, hot-tip galvanising, die-casting and heat treatment; wafer fabrication plants; or food manufacturing



Foreign workers for Construction industry

Application, renewal and cancellation of work permit services
Construction, U-Turn Workers from Bangladesh, India and Myanmar

Construction Trade 

  • Brick Layers, Carpenters, Plastere, Tile, Bar Bender, Re-bar, Metal Form Works, Rain Proof Cementing, Electricians, Plumbers, General Workers Shipyard, Welders, Pipe Fitters, Technicians, etc.


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