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Service industry

Example of Companies in the service sector engaged in the following business activities: 
  • Financial, insurance, real estate and business services. 
  • Transport, storage and communications services. 
  • Commerce (retail and wholesale trade). 
  • Community, social and personal services (excluding domestic workers). 
  • Hotels. 
  • Restaurants, coffee shops, food courts and other approved food establishments (excluding food stalls or hawker stalls).
Foreign workers for Service Industry
  • Beautician; Hairdresser; Manicurist; Massage Therapist; Childcare Assistant; Florist Helper; Cashier; Sales Coordinator; Shop Sales Assistant; Van Driver; Delivery Assistant; Warehouse Assistant; Baker; Cook; Kitchen Assistant; Waiter/Waitress; Coffeeshop assistant; Dish Washer; Lab Assistant; Technician; Mechanic; Admin Assistant; Receptionist; Office Cleaner; Hand Packer; and many more...

Manufacturing industry

Example of Companies in the manufacturing sector engaged in the following business activities:
    • Manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and biological products
    • Manufacturing of basic industrial acids and alkalis
    • Manufacturing of oil or gas field machinery
    • Manufacturing of waxes, polishes and deodorants
    • Electroplating, hot-tip galvanising, die-casting and heat treatment
    • Semiconductor wafer fabrication plants
    • Manufacturing or processing of food or drinks
    • Manufacturing of electronics components
    • Assembly of ready-made parts
    • Packing or repacking
    • Sole printing (e.g. printing of posters, T-shirts, name cards)
    • Repair and maintenance
    • Testing or quality control
    Foreign workers for Manufacturing Industry
    • Machine Operator; CNC Operator; Quality Checker; Food Processing Worker; Factory or Production Worker; Hand Packer; Delivery Driver; and many more...

    Construction Industry

    Example of Companies in the construction sector engaged in the following business activities:  
    • Building constructions; Renovations; Roadworks Construction and etc
    Foreign workers for Construction Industry
    • Electrician; Lift Technician; Air-con Technician; Carpenters; Plasterer; Painters; Electricians; Plumbers; Welders & Frame cutters; Pipe Fitters; Technicians, Construction Workers and many more ...

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